our mission

To make it simply irresistible for Americans to become active participants in rebuilding our democracy.


about us


Amelia Miazad is an Afghan-born American girl (no birth certificate folks, you’ll just have to trust her) who became more true-blue after the November 8th election. Amelia was motivated by her 9-year old daughter who saw the adults drowning in social media and pleaded with her mom to “do something!” Amelia has a law degree from Berkeley Law. Her role is to research, prioritize, and and write each week’s four actions. As part of this research process, Amelia vets these actions with legal and policy experts. 


Kara Ganter grew up in rural Wisconsin, where it is not polite to talk about politics and the most appropriate way to deal with feelings is crying in the shower. When that stopped working post-election, she decided an alternate coping strategy was necessary. She’s a lawyer, a writer, and a technophile. Kara’s role is creative vision, web design, and operations - because even a website about resisting ugly policies should be pretty. 




A note from us:

The first woman to have won the majority of votes for President of the United States recently said,

Our constitutional democracy demands our participation, not just every four years but all the time.
— Hillary Clinton, November 9, 2016

Our constitutional democracy, our world, and our planet are all under siege. All-of-us must build a big, beautiful wall of resistance.  

- Amelia and Kara